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Currencies. Fed: too optimistic… as usual 

Date: 25 October, 2018
As expected, the FOMC minutes revealed that the Fed is on track to deliver 3 additional rate hikes until it. . . . Read More

Equities. The Automotive sector will engage in a technological transition for several years

Date: 22 October, 2018
On the stock market, the Automotive sector lost 20% in 2018. Equipment manufacturers lost more with -38% for Continental or. . . . Read More

Fixed income. High yield resilience looks even more extreme

Date: 11 October, 2018
Some signs of anxiety in the High Yield bond market are occurring. They  remain very benign compared to the news. . . . Read More

Oil. US sanctions on Iran support crude prices

Date: 4 October, 2018
Since the beginning of 2016, when the price of Brent crude was $28, we have regularly revised our crude price. . . . Read More

Currencies. The SNB goes off on its own

Date: 27 September, 2018
More than widely expected, the SNB left its policy rates unchanged. Its assessment of the CHF situation was unchanged too.. . . . Read More