Conception of customized solutions in different structures : funds, certificates, ETP, etc.

ISATIS Global Equities

Fund strategy: The objective is to participate in the development of global equity markets by investing in both developed and emerging countries. The management style is pragmatic and guided by conviction, with significant biases both in terms of country/region and sector. The fund can be invested up to 40% in emerging countries and up to 50% in small- and mid-sized companies. The fund adopts a strict currency hedging policy, protecting at least 90% of the portfolio into the reference currency.

ISATIS Flexible Bond

Fund strategy: The target is to participate in the development of international bond markets. The fund may invest in developed and emerging markets, including in local currencies. The management style is pragmatic and based on convictions, with regional, segments or sectors bias. The fund may invest in government bonds rated “investment grade” or “high-yield”. The fund may have exposure outside its reference currency of up to 20% on developed currencies and up to 10% on the emerging currencies.

AMC Green New Deal – The Energy Transition

Investments in decarbonized energies to stop the climate warming. Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) invested in international equities linked to the development of green energies and  the sustainable use of Earth. Countries and companies will have to invest in renewable energies to reduce CO2 emissions and fight against the climate warming. Themes covered are : responsible use of Earth, green electricity generation, energy storage, waste management, resources exploitation, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and construction, Smart grids, cities & houses.

AMC Swiss Equities

Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) invested in Swiss equities. Convictions and bottom-up approach with 20-25 stocks. Opportunistic approach. Investing in SMI and SPI Extra stocks depending on the market cycle and economic cycle. Try to perform with sectors and alpha approach.

AMC Onshoring – Western Reindustrialization

Deglobalization and reindustrialization in developed countries. Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) invested in US and European equities (large caps) linked to the reshoring process. The world is splitting in 2 tectonic plates (US/allies vs China/allies) and production is back home. Covid and war have accelerated this process. Protectionism is back. Rebalancing between global and local. Domestic jobs. New industrial policy. A true industrial thematic in an economy of war : reindustrialization, green transition and defense. Large spending from the US and Europe to encourage domestic production, mainly in infrastructure, semiconductors, EV and defense.