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SNB to the Rescue ?

Date: 31 March, 2020
Conservatism - the Swiss way The political landscape of the Swiss Confederation is deeply rooted on consensus. Its structure and. . . . Read More

Germany. To the bone

Date: 24 March, 2020
The country faces several concomitant structural challenges The bedrock of its export-based model is shaking. Its mighty industrial model gives. . . . Read More

Capitulation ?

Date: 16 March, 2020
What a nightmare... Last week proved awful for financial markets to an extent that what not seen since the Great. . . . Read More
Kraft Heinz

Once downgrade arc digested, fallen angels represent attractive opportunities

Date: 6 March, 2020
Kraft Heinz is one of the largest US issuers downgraded into the high yield segment The company has $30bn of. . . . Read More

Equities. The coronavirus goes so fast

Date: 28 February, 2020
The financial markets are not (yet) in panic mode with the dazzling spread of the coronavirus. But it is starting. . . . Read More