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Equities. Huawei arrives with its HarmonyOS

Date: 22 August, 2019
The US embargo on Huawei is pushing the Chinese group to reduce its reliance on US products / systems Huawei. . . . Read More

Troubled waters ahead for entrepreneurs

Date: 16 August, 2019
This is not new, global geopolitics has been particularly complex and potentially explosive in the past couple of years In. . . . Read More

The Fed is not to blame

Date: 8 August, 2019
As expected, the Fed cut for the first time in a decade its Fed funds rates by 25 bps to. . . . Read More

Equities. The slump in the automobile continues

Date: 29 July, 2019
The automotive sector is going through a difficult period, both stock market and industrial The sector significantly underperforms the overall. . . . Read More
Bank of Canada

Currencies. Bank of Canada against the trend

Date: 19 July, 2019
Over S1, the CAD has bested all its G-10 peers and by a quite a distance thanks to the oil. . . . Read More