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Euro slides despite all-time high rate expectations

Date: 2 March, 2023
Investors are pricing the ECB will raise rates to all-time highs of 3.75% by September this year, up from the. . . . Read More

Bye-Bye Murphy?

Date: 26 January, 2023
Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.". . . . Read More

Equities. 2023 should be supportive

Date: 9 January, 2023
2023 should be supportive Inflation is falling. Normal, it was mainly due to the Covid disruptions and the energy crisis.. . . . Read More

Currencies. Awakening of China

Date: 15 December, 2022
Awakening of China The USD reigned supreme in 2022, driven by the Fed most aggressive tightening cycle since the 1980s.. . . . Read More

Currencies. The balance of risks is shifting

Date: 24 November, 2022
The USD declined sharply over the past days, following the softer than expected October inflation data. Bond yields moved down. . . . Read More