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Jump conditions

Date: 7 October, 2021
When a - much - too solid first round… ¨ A common policy adage on the response to large swings. . . . Read More

The Hawk-Dove (chicken) game

Date: 27 September, 2021
In the game theory, the Chicken game is the modelling of conflict between two / several players. The basic principle. . . . Read More


Date: 26 August, 2021
¨Darkness, darkness, hide my yearning, For the things I cannot see Keep my mind from constant turning. To the things. . . . Read More

Biden Ideologic Shift

Date: 16 August, 2021
¨Forty years ago, we chose the wrong path¨ …¨ ¨We are now 40 years into the experiment of letting giant. . . . Read More

Noise and signal

Date: 26 July, 2021
Usually, it takes the central banks to ¨remove the punchball¨, or a recession, to seriously derail financial markets. At first,. . . . Read More