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Bank of Canada

Currencies. Bank of Canada against the trend

Date: 19 July, 2019
Over S1, the CAD has bested all its G-10 peers and by a quite a distance thanks to the oil. . . . Read More
Draghi / Largarde

Fixed income. Towards a Draghi heritage preservation

Date: 11 July, 2019
Following intense negotiations, EU leaders have struck an agreement on top positions successors The most important, marketwise, are the appointments. . . . Read More
très bien

Equities. A (very) good month of June

Date: 4 July, 2019
For the Dow Jones, the month of June 2019 is the best month of June since 1938 ! In May,. . . . Read More
Banque centrale européenne

Fixed income. Believe it or not, the ECB has some available ammunitions

Date: 27 June, 2019
Nothing is worse than a central bank admitting it has run out of options Since he is ECB President, Draghi. . . . Read More

Oil. Macroeconomic component dominates

Date: 20 June, 2019
Tension is rising sharply in the Strait of Ormuz the Strait of Ormuz is a vital road for the oil. . . . Read More