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Noticeable inflections

Date: 9 April, 2021
Economic policies are gently but noticeably morphing. Just recently, the very first clues have been observed. Of different nature and. . . . Read More

Of US hare & Europe tortoise

Date: 22 March, 2021
A new variation of hyper vs hypo active Differences in sanitary and economic responses to Covid on both sides of. . . . Read More

A weird honeymoon

Date: 19 March, 2021
The space, both so distant and so central The latest Russo-China project is of potentially great geopolitical significance: ¨Russia's Roscosmos. . . . Read More

Entering learning zone

Date: 11 March, 2021
When the best is the enemy of the good Vaccination is accelerating, paving the way for a gradual reopening of. . . . Read More

These Disturbing Digital Friends

Date: 4 March, 2021
Disgusted by the 2008/2009 Great Financial crisis, private investors disinterested of the stock market for more than a decade. But. . . . Read More