5G development will accelerate in 2020

Federal Communication Comission
Date: 19 December, 2019 - Blog

Former Federal Communication Commission (FCC) boss, Reed Hundt, said there is a need to move faster in the deployment of 5G. The United States needs to have a solid 5G network and must not be left behind China. It’s a national imperative. For him, the first immediate step is the validation of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. Facing China, it is more important to have strong operators than to oppose the merger to have more competition and favor the consumer.

2020 will be an important year for 5G, as smartphone manufacturers enter the market with 5G products. Asia is moving very fast, the United States a little slower, but Europe is lagging behind.

Europe is the weak link, as usual in a multipolar world and barely  counts in the technology sector. Nokia and Ericsson are caught in the war between Americans and Chinese. Donald Trump puts insane pressure on Europe to exclude Huawei from tenders. Germany and Great Britain hesitate. Europe is afraid of American reprisals if Huawei were to install infrastructure. China has just threatened Germany and its automotive sector, if Huawei were excluded as a supplier of 5G equipment, recalling that German cars have 25% of the Chinese auto market.

The challenge of 5G is immense for the United States and China

Cloud gaming on smartphones, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Europe should be worried about being dumped on all these subjects. Europe has 2 companies that can compete with Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson; it would be strange if Europe did not support them by buying Huawei equipment. But once again, Europe is weak and missed a clear vision  as with the refusal by the European Commission to merge Alstom and the railway activities of Siemens which was to give birth to a European railway group capable of competing with the Chinese.

  • The 5G theme remains interesting
  • But the US-China technological war will escalate, and Europe, in the middle, could take a few hits

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