Technology. Huawei sues the United States

Date: 14 March, 2019 - Blog

Huawei sues the United States due to a ban to sell its products in the US market.

The US government wants to defeat Huawei and other Chinese companies in the 5G infrastructure. The American argument is the risk of espionage in sensitive sectors such as defense.

It’s a joke. First, for the moment, it has never been proven that the Chinese include spy devices in their technology. Second, the United States, like other great powers, are one of the world’s biggest spies; the NSA (United States), the National Security Agency, spied for years on the entire planet, even allies, including Head of States. Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon hold private data from the all world.

The British and German cybersecurity services recently said that there is currently no evidence of spy devices in Chinese telecommunications and technology products. The Germans propose to put a “no spy” clause with suppliers of 5G, this being valid for the Chinese, but also for others, Swedes, Finns and Americans. The Germans resist the US anti-Chinese campaign, even if they were shaken by the acquisition of Kuka, a German world leader in automation/robotics, by the Chinese Midea.

Except the United States, Europe and Japan seek to avoid “one world, two standards” in the 5G.

For us, investors, 5G is a major theme for 2019. The 5G theme is progressing well and outperformed equity markets in the consolidation phase observed last week.

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